This is a part of an EMTH 352 project demonstrating how social media can be used in the classroom. Our focus was on cellphones and mobile devices, and ultimately led to QR codes. This is a collection of everything we have found and where we have been going with it.

Our main idea was to create "station type" inquiry lessons that each station was prompted by a QR code, and all of the input would go online. Then this lesson could be sent out to teachers everywhere, and hopefully others might want to join in and work through the same lesson. Students all over could possibly be doing the same lesson and also seeing how others were doing this same lesson. Cell phones have become a regular occurrence in everyday life, and the amount students have is becoming greater. There are so many possibilities with cellphones it is important to look at how we could be benefiting from their use, and also be wary of the reprecussions.

QR codes are becoming more mainstream within advertising and there are so many things you can do with them. This wiki is aimed at highlighting how to use them, and specifically how we can apply their use within education. It is also a collection all the resources we have found concerning these QR codes.

Introduction to QR Codes
- An interactive QR code activity to introducing various ways of using QR Codes

Direct Curriculum ties
- Math 9 curriculum with ideas how how to use a QR code in the lesson

Pro's and Con's
- Discussion of positive and negative aspects of using QR codes, used in the introduction of the presentation