Incorporating cell phones in the classroom will have some difficulties to overcome. The following are the three main issues I have identified, and have tried to think of ways to accomodate these issues.

1. School Rules
There is bound to be difficulties with administration when incorporating cell phones into teaching. Many schools have very strict school rules with regards to cell phones.
Introducing cell phones, their tools, and their uses to staff and administration could help. Most importantly you must have a plan of how you are going to use a cell phone before you can present that idea to admin.

A resource that could be very beneficial to read or suggust to read for collegues and administration is Teaching Generation Text by Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb. This text suggest ways to use cell phones but also how to present them to administration.

In the presentation from 2011 I created a series of stations the involved QR codes and various mobile tools that can be used in a classroom. Doing an activity like this with other colleagues and administration would be a great way to introduce cell phones as well as give everyone experience trying it themselves. Before anyone gets a student to do a lesson it would be much more beneficial to try the tools first.

2. Student Participation
A main issue is trying to establish rules with using their cell phones.
Below is a link to a popplet brainstorm for rules that could be established in a classroom, and different problems that could happen. If you wish to collaborate on this popplet you can send me an email at and I can add you to the list of collaborators.

Cell Phone Rules

Another discussion for classroom rules can be found here. It is made using Text The Mob, you can contribute to this discussion in the following ways:
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b) Click on this linkand type in your contribution
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3. Technology Available to students
It is important to understand what technology students have available to them. I made a survey using Socrative . It is a multiple choice survey that asks about students phones, texting ability, data, and type of phone. mLearning can be used for just cell phone general features, but much of the time it is running through data, so knowing if students have that available to them is important. The survey can be done on any internet browser, you can follow the link below to do the quiz or scan the QR code.

Classroom # - 28407
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