Most phones today are capable of recording video. From your phone you can directly upload content to youtube.

How to Upload Video To Youtube

Uploading video is done through email so it would be easy to have an entire class uploading content onto the same youtube account. The following code opens up an email to a youtube account made for this presentation.

external image generate_image.php?type=mailto:&

To see these videos click here, or scan the code

external image eIqHKz.qrcode?s=166

Youtube videos can also be linked to using QR codes. This would be beneficial in supplementing a lesson in many ways. Any kind of resource video can be added to a worksheet, text book, assignment, test... anything.

Linking a youtube video with another online tool, Study Cell, here is a QR code that links to our YouTube video about making flashcards.

external image i0Groy.qrcode?s=166