The amount that can be done with cell phones has been extended by the amount of applications made for them. The following applications are ones that I have found and used for my Iphone and Ipad. Some of these applications also might go across multiple platforms.


Math Ninja Free
- Math game that practices simple arithmetic while fighting the forces of evil as a ninja
- Free

- Math puzzle that requires factoring and different number operations to fill in a grid
- Very similar to sudoku
- Free

- Normal and scientific calculator
- Free

Simplify Fraction
- Simplifies fractions
- Free

Graphing Calculator
- Graphing Calculator
- Free

- Rolls multiple, keeps history
- Free

- Formulas, calculators, geometry, trigonometry, probability
- Free

Math Zombies
- Math game that practices arithmetic while destroying zombies
- Free

Kids Books

Since I have worked at a daycare I often had childrens books on my ipad so that they could listen to books and watch the words being read across the screen. I used these books for numerous activities like listening comprehension, drama, dance, and many more. The best part is that they are all free!

A website I also often use to download iBooks is Epubbud which has many free books to download.

Toy Story
Read Me Stories