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Cell Phones in Education

Think Mobile Phones For Learning - This is a collective list of resources, we should go through them and pick out the ones we think are the best
Effects of Mobile Learning on Student Behaviour
mLearnopedia - Links to content for mobile learning, blogs of people who review and use cell phones
St. Mary's City Schools Mobile Learning Technology
18 Top Learning Technology & Media Links
Upwardly Mobile - Toni Twiss an educator in New Zealand who does research with mobile phones in the classroom
The Mobile Learner - Rob De Lorenzo vice-principal in Toronto investigating mobile study in the classroom
Craig Mantin
- School district embracing smart phones this is his blog about it.
- Texting to Learn video from CNN
Real Teaching Means Real Learning - Cell Phones first, paper second
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From Tool To Toy - Cellphone Scavenger Hunt Builder
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