QR Code Reader
Free Barcode Reader Software
-Scan 20+ major barcode types
-Support linear barcodes and 2D codes like QR Codes, Data Matrix and PDF417


.NET QR Code Reader
-Scan QR codes and other 20+ barcode types
-Scanning barcodes in C#, VB.NET
-Scan barcode from a image file, a defined area,etc.

List of QR Readers
- Has a tool that lets you select your phone and it will find which application is compatible for it

- Download through mobile browser or transfer from computer to mobile phone
- See compatible devices here
- Click to download here

- Get through SMS or mobile browser, to compatible devices click here

QR Code Scanner Pro
- For Blackberry on Appworld
- Should support all Blackberry devices
- Scans instantly and instantly connects

- Download through Mobile Browser, Apple Iphone App Store, Blackberry App World
- See compatible devices here
- Takes a picture in your phone first then scans it and connects your phone

- Get through mobile browser
- See compatible devices here

- Supports Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, S60

- Available for Iphone, scan any barcode or qr code and receive information about the items or get free stuff

Shop Savvy
- Scans barcode and checks prices on items, finds deals
- Iphone and Android

- Compatible with mac, windows, and iphone

- PC Download

- Invitation only, need a certain code, must sign up for this one
- Click here for compatible devices

- Costs $1.99
- Apple App scans and creates codes
- Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Nokia Barcode Reader
- Download on computer and transfer to phone
- Compatible for Nokia N78, 6120 Navigator, N96 and 6220 Classic

- Download through Mobile Browser, through computer, through SMS
- See Compatible devices here

Read A QR Code Without A Smartphone
- Need a camera phone and email or picture text messaging to send the code
- If opening an internet service, still need to be able to get on the internet on the phone

Good Survey
- Upload a QR Code onto this website and it will read it for you

Mobile Grand Rapids
Free QR code generator on this site