There are two different options for creating QR codes to voice.

1. QR Voice
- Go to this website, type in what you would like to be recorded into audio, and it will create a synthesized voice saying what you want.
- It creates a QR code for you directly on the site which you can scan and listen to

external image w9s2V8

2. Recording of your own voice

There are probably multiple ways to do this, but I am going to describe the steps I took on how to record my voice and change it into a QR code. This would be a great tool to use for supporting learnings when they are working independtly on assignments, those who are weak readers, or even just to give extra examples for questions. Not to mention what you could do for posters, presentations, comic books... the options are endless.

Step 1: Record your audio
- You can do this on a computer, cell phone... anything
- I used voice memo on my Iphone

Step 2: Email your file
- Since I recorded on my phone, I clicked the share button and emailed the voice recording to myself
- If you did your recording on your computer you will already have the file saved on your computer
- You can use any audio track, so even if you wanted to use a music file that would work

Step 3: Upload your recording to a website
- I uploaded my recording to dropbox
- Many different websites will host files uploaded, such as blogs

Step 4: Copy the link to your audio file
- On dropbox you click on the options and click on "copy public link"
- This link should the type of file at the end of link (m4a, mp3 etc)

Step 5: Create QR Code
- Take this link and upload it into any QR code generator

external image w1Sbt

If you want to see a picture of how to do this click here.